The following is Appendix 4 to the general Terms and Conditions and covers the terms of affiliate membership (‘Affiliation’) with our Website.




1.1 Affiliation offers technical and commercial means to track groups of players referred by a person and to remunerate the referrer in regard to those players.

1.2 Affiliation is open for individuals of 18+ years of age and companies having appropriate means to refer players (the ‘Affiliate’).

1.3 These terms and conditions may be amended from time to time, and whilst we shall do our best to update you, it is on you to follow such changes.



2.1 In order to apply for Affiliation, you need to register on the Website and activate your account’s affiliate section.

2.2 By activating the affiliate section you register for Affiliation and thereby agree with these terms and conditions.

2.3 Provision of false information may result in the closing of your account and therewith the loss of its balances.

2.4 We reserve the right to terminate any affiliate agreement in case the affiliate doesn’t meet our minimum activity quota requirements. The minimum activity quota is achieved by having at least 1 active real money player in the last 180 days.

2.5 We reserve the right to terminate any affiliate agreement in case there is no login activity within a 3-month period.



3.1 As an Affiliate, you can apply different means for referring new customers, such will include:

  • Bonus codes (entered by players at registration)
  • Tracking links (used with the banners you host)

3.2 The fact of a player registering through one of your trackers as mentioned above shall indicate a referral and their accounts will be considered affiliated with your account.

3.3 Your tracking link will be saved in the customer’s browser cookies for 30 days and processed whenever the registration takes place. We shall not be responsible for the case when a customer deletes their cookies by accident or intent.

3.4 Affiliate must use only a link provided by the Partner Program and not to change or modify any link or marketing material without prior written authorisation from the Partner Program, otherwise no guarantee can be given for correct registration and sales accounting.



4.1 If you opt for the Commission Based Program, you will be earning Commission based on the volume of bets made by your players.

4.2 Commission will accrue with every bet made and is a function of the average Profit Expectancy:

Profit Expectancy = Margin * Stake * (Odds – 1) / (Risk Factor * Odds – Margin),

Where Margin is our bookmaker’s margin, Risk Factor is the risk estimation and Odds are the outcome odds.

Commission = Profit Expectancy * Commission Rate.

Where Commission Rate is your current percentage based on the latest monthly activity:

$ 0-4,999 20%
$ 5,000-9,999 30%
$ 10,000+ 40%



5.1 If you opt for the Revenue Share Program, you will be entitled to Revenue Share based on the actual betting performance brought by your players.

5.2 Revenue Share will accrue with every bet calculated and is a function of Revenue:

Revenue = Bets – Winnings,

Where Bets is the total amount of stakes and Winnings the total amount of winnings made by your players.

Revenue Share = Net Revenue * Share Percentage,

Where Share Percentage is set as agreed to that purpose between you and us.

5.3 If there is a negative balance, it will not be reset at the start of next month. The vision behind this is both of us sharing all ups and downs occurring to revenue in proportion.



6.1 The commission is calculated at the end of each month and payments shall be performed by the 15th of each following calendar month, provided that the amount due exceeds $50 (‘Minimum Threshold’) and conveying at least 4 (Minimum Threshold) first-time depositors from signup date. If the balance due is less than the Minimum Threshold, it shall be carried over to the following month and shall be payable when the net balance exceeds the Minimum Threshold.



7.1 The Affiliate shall undertake that the content of their advertisements:

  • is factual and contains no disinformation
  • is not offensive, obscene or illegal
  • is published using legitimate channels excluding spam

7.2 We may carry out checks as to the sources of traffic and cancel a profit payout should the traffic be gained by any of the prohibited methods.

7.3 The affiliate shall not advertise our website ( and / or its services apart from the countries indicated in its Terms and Conditions.

7.4 The Affiliate shall not register or purchase domain names similar or identical with the trademarks of ‘’Bahisarena’’ or which include the word or variations of ‘Bahisarena’. The Affiliate shall neither use the Bahisarena logo, copyrights or trade name as keywords. Any breach of this clause may result in punitive damages in according to law as the Company will seek to protect its interests from abuses. The Affiliate understands that the Partner Program will not cooperate with a contracting party using a domain or subdomain which is confusingly similar to “Bahisarena, Affring” or any other protected trademark and/or name right which belongs to the Partner Program, Our Brands or its Affiliates.

Affiliates may not use ‘’Bahisarena’’ in the following way:

But may use ‘’Bahisarena’’ like this:

7.5 The term “fraud” in refer to affiliate collusion is an attempt by an affiliate or group of affiliate to generate fraudulent commission with a coordinated effort. Collusion shall include but not be limited to:

  • Coordinated bonus about in an attempt to artificially increase commissions,
  • Coordinated betting where such bets are made as an effort to artificially increase commissions,
  • Offering players financial incentives for the purpose of gaining a rebate from your affiliate commissions,
  • Duplicate affiliate and/or player accounts for the purpose of collusion and
  • Any other act which may determine through detailed investigation as being used to generate fraudulent commissions.

7.6 Not to generate any traffic to Our Brand by illegal or fraudulent activity, including but not limited to:

  • Registering as a player or make deposits directly or indirectly to any player account through his tracker(s) for the Affiliates own personal use and/or the use of its relatives, friends, employees or other related third parties, or in any other way attempt to artificially increase the commission payable or to otherwise defraud the Company. Violation of this provision shall be deemed fraud.

7.7 Company can delay payment of any outstanding balance to the Affiliate in cases of suspected illegal and fraudulent behaviour otherwise in breach of this agreement, while it investigates and verifies that the relevant transactions comply with the provisions of this Agreement.

7.8 All intellectual property shall be treated confidentially. Any information belong to company must not be used for own commercial or other purposes unless Affring allows.

7.9 We shall reserve the right to terminate the Affiliate’s program if any of the above comes to be violated.